Get Your Bathroom Ready for Company

If you’re hosting a dinner party or an event where guests will arrive at your home, it’s important to not overlook the bathroom when it comes to preparing your home for guests. Following a few rules of thumb for bathroom cleaning and organizing will help to put your company at ease and will also give you the peace of mind by knowing your home is properly prepared for guests.

Put Away Personal Bathroom Items
During your bathroom cleaning to prepare for company, be sure you put away all personal cosmetics and other essentials.  Storing these personal items away from eyesight provides your guests with the comfort of not feeling as though they are viewing your personal space and also helps to de-clutter the bathroom area.
Cosmetics should be stored in sealed plastic containers or in cosmetic bags and tucked neatly away in cabinets or on storage shelves.

Use Non-toxic Bathroom Cleaners to Spruce Up Your Bathroom Space
Using a gentle mix of hydrogen peroxide (2 tablespoons), citrus juice (fresh lime or lemon juice) and a small amount of water (4 cups) is the perfect cleaning solution for your bathroom sink, counters and toilet.  Using this green cleaning combination is a good way to ensure you’re not leaving behind harsh chemical odors in your bathroom.  This will make your bathroom more pleasant of a space for your guests when they use this room.

Provide Your Guest with Helpful Bathroom Accessories
Be sure to set out clean hand towels, aromatic room spray, and lotion for your guests to utilize during their visit.  Hand towel holders are ideal, but if this item is not available, simply roll your hand towels into cylinders for a neat and attractive appearance.  Homemade potpourri poured into a small dish can enhance the appeal of your bathroom and make your home overall more inviting for guests.  Homemade potpourri can consist of bay leaves, dried herbs, dried citrus peelings and a few light dashes of essential oils or vanilla extract.

If your home needs a fresh cleaning job before company arrives for an event, Maids of Honor is pleased to provide you with professional house cleaning services in Springfield, MO.  Maids of Honor also serves Branson, Bolivar, Lebanon and Shell Knob.

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