4 Affordable Ways To Make Your Home More Appealing

We’ve all seen those remarkable homes showcased in magazines or have visited a home that was resplendent in visual appeal and comfort. If you’re longing to keep your home up to these inviting standards, but find you’d like to do it on a budget, we have some simple shortcuts for you to have a welcoming home without overspending.

4 Frugal Tips to Enhance Your Home’s Welcoming Appeal
Inexpensive and delightful aroma options make an easy way to get your home smelling divine if company is coming on short notice. If you’d like to save money by refraining from purchasing high dollar candles, simply heat a small pot of water and add citrus peelings, apple peelings, a few dashes of ground cinnamon and a dash of cloves. Let this simmer on low and add water as necessary over the next few hours. This mixture will can simmer for hours and provide a welcoming and sensational aroma throughout your home.

2. Sprinkle baking soda over your carpets before vacuuming to help lift odors from your carpets. Be sure to vacuum extra slowly and to empty your vacuum bag or filter before it reaches fifty percent fullness. This helps to increase the effectiveness each time you vacuum.

3. Put a few droplets of tea tree oil on a paper towel and place this in a small jar in your bathrooms for a fresh smell all the time. Change out the paper towel every couple weeks to rejuvenate this simple aroma therapy.

4. Combine a couple droplets of lavender essential oil and lemon juice with three cups of water. Place this mixture into a spray bottle and use once a week to wipe down your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This is a quick way to lift dirt and fingerprints from your cabinets while refreshing your home with a welcoming natural scent.

Starting With a Clean Slate
These are simple and helpful options to keep your home inviting and appealing on a regular basis without breaking your budget. If you find that your home could use a deep cleaning to get it back on track, give Maids of Honor a call at 417-881-4555 and we’ll be happy to give you a quick cleaning estimate for your home. We provide exceptional residential cleaning services in Springfield, Branson, Lebanon and the surrounding areas.

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