Does a Stress-free Morning Sound Good?

You know those mornings when you wake up and you’re already dreading the day? Utilizing some simple time-saving techniques around the home can help to alleviate stress and make your day more pleasant and manageable. We’ve found these quick and easy tricks to produce much-needed relief.

1. Tidy Up Your Kitchen the Night Before
Even if it takes all hands on deck to pitch in and help out, cleaning the kitchen the night before makes the morning significantly more organized and welcoming. Most people start their mornings off in the kitchen by making coffee, packing lunches, and fixing a quick breakfast. If you wake up to a dirty kitchen, you already feel a step behind when you’re starting out your day. Establishing the good habit of going to bed with a sparkling and organized kitchen can make a huge difference in how your mood is affected the next morning.

2. Invest in Disposable Disinfectant Cloths
Citrus-scented disinfectant cloths are for sale for affordable prices at your local grocery store or all-purpose shopping center. Keeping two or three of these disposable cleaning containers around the home can make it easy to wipe down and disinfect frequently-used surfaces. This can help to reduce the amount of larger cleaning jobs in the near future by cleaning as you go. We recommend keeping these containers in each bathroom of the home and in the kitchen. Not only will your counters and door handles shine, but your home will also carry the pleasant smell of being freshly-cleaned!

3. Have a Monthly Decluttering Party
If “decluttering” and “party” sound like they should not belong in the same sentence, we fully understand! Most of us do not link any kind of cleaning to any kind of party. However, turning on some favorite music (maybe some old show tunes?) and getting out some tote bags is all you need to begin decluttering your home. Taking time to do this once a month can free up space in your house (or in your office) and can lead to less clutter, distractions and disorganization. Light a candle and open the windows and spend a good hour going through your space finding things you don’t use often and consider donating them to a local charity. One rule of thumb we recommend for this monthly event is this: If you don’t love it, don’t hold onto it.

Be on the look out for our next blog on how to simplify the items and objects in your home to make life easier and to make cleaning a breezier job!

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