Spotless Shower Doors

Everyone loves it when their home sparkles and shines. A freshly cleaned bathroom can instantly lift your mood, but glass shower doors put every speck on display. Those beautiful sliding glass doors can be a welcoming sanctuary, or a dreaded display of built up grime and cloudy streaks.

When stubborn soap scum and water spots build up, you can use these simple tips to get those shower doors sparkling in no time!

  1.     Use a damp sponge or cleaning cloth to wipe down both sides of the door, scraping off any excess soap.
  2.     Pour a quarter size amount of The Works (yes, the toilet bowl cleaner!) onto your cleaning cloth. Apply the cleaner to the shower door by wiping in circular motions. Work in small sections of the door at a time to ensure a total clean.
  3.     After you apply The Works in each small section, immediately wipe that area with a damp cloth to “rinse” the area. Alternatively, you can spray glass cleaner, such as Windex, on a cloth and wipe the area well.
  4.     After the surfaces on both sides of the door have been cleaned, go back and touch up any areas that need a little extra attention. Be sure to scrub then wipe out the shower door track, and along the top of the door. This will help prevent bacteria, keeping buildup and scum at bay!

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