Should You Use Paper Plates For Dinner?

You want everything to be perfect. You’ve been busy all week and your schedule is over-loaded and now it is Friday evening and time for dinner. After cooking dinner, you’re faced with the un-lovely prospect of cleaning up the dinner dishes. And then you must give the kids baths, and read to them, and put them to bed….And sometimes, it all seems like an uphill battle. How to get it all done in one day? Day after day.

Could you use paper plates for dinner once in a while and forego having to do dishes so you can catch your breath? Maybe free up a few minutes to actually enjoy the evening with your family? Sure, you can!
Don’t beat yourself up over something as simple as glass plates or paper plates. Do we like to serve our families dinner on our regular plateware most evenings? Of course. But, sometimes, time is just more valuable than which kind of plate setting your family is eating from.

It’s okay to use paper plates on those nights when you need a break, or even during a quick morning breakfast before school. When you work, or maintain a household and family full-time, it can be really hard to keep everything flowing copacetic at all times.

That’s where paper plates come into the scene. This is also where we come into the scene.
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