Keeping the Refrigerator Clean

To wrap up our kitchen cleaning series, we are going to focus on refrigerators. Many times we do not think about cleaning this appliance unless something is spilled, or we are emptying the fridge to move. Nevertheless, this appliance is extremely important to keep clean. After all, we do store in it most of the foods we consume.


Here are a few simple steps that you can follow to keep your fridge looking and smelling fresh:

Step 1: Remove all food from the fridge and set on the counter. As you remove each item, check the expiration date and throw it away if it is past its time.

Step 2: Remove the crisper bins and set them in the sink. Rinse them out before sprinkling baking soda along the interior. Pour hot water into the bins and let them sit for about 3 minutes before scrubbing any stuck on foods and rinsing the bins.

Step 3: Mix baking soda and hot water in a spray bottle.

Step 4: Spray the shelves and interior door shelves of the fridge with the mixture. Use a sponge to scrub any stuck on food. Use a cleaning cloth to wipe areas clean and dry.

Step 5: Dry the crisper bins and return them to their place in the fridge.

Step 6: Sort and return all food to the fridge.


Cleaning out your fridge once a month and throwing away expired and leftover foods will reduce unwanted odors and keep your fridge sparkling. Stay tuned for our next blog that will teach you how to properly care for the hardwood floors in your home!

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