Five Steps to a Stress-free Home

We all know the importance of keeping a home free of germs, bugs, and odors. That being said, it’s not always easy to recognize the small details that can build up and create chaos within a clean home. A basket of laundry here, a few stray toys there, and all of the sudden the house is overwhelmingly messy. 

Cleaning doesn’t have to feel like a mountain to climb. We’ve put together five simple ways to transform cluttered rooms into a relaxing retreat.

    1. Straighten Flat Surfaces
      Push in chairs at all tables. You can neatly sort, then stack, all paperwork and books on desks and countertop areas. Place small items, such as keys, in a bowl or on a hook to keep them organized. 
    2. Fold Your Linens
      For towels in the kitchen and bathrooms, be sure to fold them lengthwise before hanging them up. Throw blankets can be folded and placed neatly across furniture.
    3. Remove all Trash
      Throw away all wrappers and remove/wash any dirty dishes that may be around. Keep garbage bins emptied daily to eliminate odor and ensure the bags don’t pile up.
    4. Put Everything Away
      Place any loose items (such as laundry, books, toys, games, or shoes) away in closets or on shelves. You can use baskets or decorative plastic bins to visibly store these extra items for easy access.
    5. Make the Beds
      Wash and replace your linens weekly to keep them clean and soft. Straighten your flat sheet and comforter, then tuck them under the mattress sides to ensure sharp edges. Fluffing bedroom and couch pillows will top it all off with an inviting, polished look.


Building these steps into a habit will take just a few minutes, but they will keep your spaces decluttered and leave you feeling a little less stress each day. For more cleaning tips and tricks, be sure to check out our blog!

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