How to Get Kids to Do Practically Anything

Have you ever wondered what is it going to take to get your child to clean his or her room? For the sake of Pete, how hard can it be to remember to clean up toys and to put dirty clothes in the … ahem… hamper, instead of throwing them on the floor? Well, for many kids, it seems to be a challenge.
If you love a clean home and your kids’ unclean and disorderly habits are driving you crazy, you’ve joined THE CLUB. The “What is it going to take?” Club. Don’t give up altogether – there is good news!

The Solution is Timeless… and Yet Still Highly Effective
The trick is this: Be consistent. We know you’ve heard it before. We’re just offering a fresh renewal of encouragement to you so life can be easier and rooms can be cleaner if you’re struggling in this area.

The University of Alabama, Parenting Education Dept. offers some helpful and timeless advice in this simple statement: “Consistency helps a child to develop a sense of responsibility because they know what their parents expect from them.” ( ☜ A really helpful site for parenting!
So remember, whatever good habit you are trying to establish in your children, consistency is ever-helpful, for you and for them!

Be sure to set reasonable goals for your children when it comes to room-cleaning and picking up after themselves. If you’re like most parents, you’ll probably experience resistance at first, but keeping your cool and remaining consistent will lead to less anxiety for you and for your child when it comes to addressing chores and organization. Less anxiety and cleaner rooms leaves more space in the day for peaceful and enjoyable times together.

And if you have those days where you just need to pack up your child and go explore the great outdoors, or go to a movie together, give us a call at Maids of Honor. We’ll come and give your home a beautifully-clean and fresh appearance. Sometimes, starting with a clean slate is really helpful! We offer residential cleaning services in the Springfield, Branson, Shell Knob and Lebanon area.

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