Germs In Your Home? Clean Them Away!

Yep. You know about them, but you just don’t see them. Germs. Sometimes we can take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to germs and this can unfortunately lead to more engagements with the common cold and other illnesses. We know about washing our hands before eating and other key times; but how often do we really think about the germs that are lingering around on items in our everyday environment? This simple blog will highlight some key areas where germs are frequently found in the average household. The good news is they can be eliminated with little effort! You just have to know where to look!

Eliminate Germs Quickly

Germs can be found in the following common areas of a house, apartment or office:

Remote controls

Sink faucets

Door handles

Refrigerator doors/freezer doors

Bathroom drawers/cabinets

Kitchen cabinets/handles

Knobs and dials on washing and drying machines

Purses, handbags, briefcases

Coffee pots, blenders, microwave exteriors

Stove and oven dials/handles

Alarm clocks, light switches, computer/laptop keyboards

These are areas most people touch on a frequent basis. Taking items like your handbag, purse and briefcase, they can be particularly exposed to germs because you carry them outside the home with you and they are often set on a variety of public surfaces, and even floors. Very few people think to wipe down their hand-carried tote items on a regular basis, but taking the time to do so can drastically reduce the amount of germs you carry home with you.

A little hot water and soap go a long way in cleaning germs, and this is an easy way to clean the majority of your frequently-used and touched items. However, certain items may need special cleaning treatment, and these items may include hand-held belongings and electronics. Finishing up a hot and soapy water cleaning on standard surfaces with a disinfectant spray can help to seal the deal when it comes to eliminating a huge amount of germs in your environment!

When you don’t have time to get it all done, Maids of Honor is happy to assist you with your residential cleaning needs in Springfield, MO and the surrounding areas. Place a call to us for a quick quote by dialing 417-881-4555.

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