Creating a Cozy Nook

A cozy nook is often at the top of a wish-list for a home. Whether your home is brand new or you’ve lived in it for decades, there’s always time and space to carve out an intimate nook to which you can retreat for some down time.

A cozy nook does not have to be an entire room or even a large portion of a room; in fact, in many cases, the smaller it is the better. If you’ve found it difficult to find time to make space for a private nook in your home, consider letting someone else come and do the weekly cleaning so you can design your retreat space and spend time enjoying it.

Consider these simple suggestions to get started on designing your own beautiful and intimate cozy nook:

1. Add fresh plants to vintage side tables.
2. Hang earth-toned or ivory drapes to increase a calm atmosphere.
3. Set up a multi-functional covered basket to hold books, table cloths, and candles. Keep a bottle of wine or sparkling cider tucked away in the basket along with a pair of goblets.
4. Refinish an old favorite chair and drape a thick quilt over it for winter evenings or mornings.
5. Consider creating your nook near a fireplace or near a window where you can be distracted by natural elements.
6. If you have room, add another chair or two for friends and a small ottoman where you can stack crossword puzzles and a game of Scrabble or a journal.

It’s your cozy nook. Design it in a way that appeals to you and don’t be afraid to change up the design as the whim appeals to you. With the holidays arriving, a cozy nook is a great place to retreat to with a relative you have not seen in a long time or to simply unwind peacefully after cooking the holiday meal.

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