Meet Kim and Walt

Walt and Kim Lucht are two of the most genuine and faith-filled individuals you’ll ever meet.

Walt was in Navy for 20 years on a Nuclear Submarine. He’s a trustworthy and dedicated family man, gifted with the ability to fix just about anything. His wife, Kim, has a background in counseling with a BA in Psychology and a MA in Family Psychology. Together, they create an incredible business mindset!

They are steadfast Christians who love the Lord boldly, and are a kind, generous, humble family filled with joy. Even with 5 children and 10 grandchildren of their own, the Luchts selflessly give their time and resources to help others and sow seed into the Kingdom of God.

Together, they launched Maids of Honor in 2004, as God directed. This step of faith was taken in confidence, and such a “small dream” has now grown to a successful company with many wonderful clients and staff members.

Family-owned and operated, Maids of Honor now includes nearly 45 employees. This company has blessed the Luchts, their family, and many countless others.

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  • "It's the best job I've ever had. I look forward to coming to work every day. Maids of Honor is a great place to work. Cleaning someone's house and seeing it make them happy, makes me happy that I was able to do that for them."

    Kayla Early Residential Cleaning Specialist
  • "Working for Maids of Honor has been a blessing. Kim is an awesome boss and easy to work for. She is understanding and flexible. We have awesome office staff. I highly recommend Maids of Honor to anyone with cleaning experience looking for a job."

    Michelle Clayton Commercial Cleaning Specialist
  • "Working for Maids of Honor has been amazing. I came in not having any prior cleaning experience and slowly worked my way up for 2.5 years. The boss has been wonderful and it's just been a great place to work."

    Brett Jones Commercial Supervisor
  • "I love working for Maids of Honor for so many reasons. The office staff are great and work well with my need for a flexible schedule. Kim has been really good to me and is always willing to work with me on whatever I need. The morale is high within the company; everyone is caring and genuine. Most of all I love all of the people I have been able to meet through this company, both coworkers and clients. I have absolutely loved this journey with Maids of Honor."

    Debbie Reno Residential Cleaning Specialist
  • "If you would have asked me several years ago if I would ever consider working for a cleaning company, I would have told you no. However, God had different plans for me and led me to Maids of Honor. I'm so glad and grateful He did. When I first met Kim in my interview, I knew that I would be working for an amazing Christian woman. During my time with Maids of Honor, I have been blessed to experience both commercial and residential cleaning as well as work in the office. All of our staff and clients bring joy to the office and I thoroughly enjoy what I do. Maids of Honor isn't just where I work; it's my family and home away from home too."

    Natasha Jones Coordinator

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